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JC Kavya Pentakota
JC Avinash Sharma Garlapati
JC HGF Gowtham Vantaku
JC Poorvi Taunk
JC HGF Vidya Chetan B
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Second CGB of 2016

Project Chairman: HGF P V S S Vijay

JCI Vizag held it's second Chapter Governing Board meeting at MEECONS Office. Advisor JFM V Sriranga was also present for the CGB. The CGB went of well with participation of all and good planning for the entire month fo Fenruary. A membership kit was also released during the CGB, which would be given to all members of JCI Vizag. Something special about this CGB was the initiation of Rolling Trophy for the Outstanding CGB Member of the Month by our IPP HGF Jeevan Nath Padala. This trophy for the month of Jnauary, 2016 was given to Jc Sridhar Vaddi for his role in various programs done in January.