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Vizag Speaks Starts Off

One of the year long projects of JCI Vizag - Vizag Speaks was started off today at Rotary Grandeur. The program was built from an idea that sprung out of Collaborate part of JCI Plan of Action. As a part of it speakers from diverse field are brought on to a common platform, they speak on a theme, followed by interview and interaction session with audience.

Guest speakers and the topics on which they spoke in editions were:
Dr Priya Vinjamori - Sustainable Environment and Smart Cities
Jao On Kwong - Sustainable Business
Jyothirmayi Mukthineni - Wellness and Volunteering
Dr Tripta Kaur - Role of a Citizen

The session went very lively and a lot of audiences interaction also happened. Active discussions happened on how a Citizen should be, history of Vizag, present status of governemnt authorities, future of Vizag, Vizag's culture and heitage.

JCI Vizag is looking forward make the upcoming edition much more vibtant and more participatory.