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Web Management Session

JCI Vizag conducted Web Management Session for it's members yesterday (22 Mar, 2017) evening on how to update event information on JCI Vizag websites - www.jcivizag.org and www.jci.cc/vizag.

The session included the following:
1. Basic Photo Editing
2. Usage of FastStone Photo Resizer (Freeware)
3. Usage of Flie Zilla - FTP Client (Freeware)
4. Usage of Editra (Text editing tool similar to Notepad but more intuitive) (Freeware)
5. Updating information on www.JCIVizag.org
6. Updating information on www.JCI.CC/Vizag

Session was conducted by the 2017 JCI Vizag President Jc JFM S Ravi Kanth Reddy at his residence.
Jc Gowtham and
Jc Trinath attended the session physically,

Jc Vijay,
Jc Chandra Mohan and
2004 JCI Vizag President Jc Garuda Brahmaji
joined through Google Hangouts.