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Any individual or organization can support us in the form of donations. A specific donation scheme that JCI India has at national level that you can support is to help for education of the underprivilieged children. The options available are
HGF (Henry Giessenbier Fellow) - Rs 2,000/-
JFM (Jaycee Foundation Member) - Rs 5,000/-
JFD (Jaycee Foundation Donor) - Rs 10,000/-
JFP (Jaycee Foundation Patron) - Rs 25,000/-
JFF (Jaycee Foundation Fellow) - Rs 50,000/-
JFS (Jaycee Foundation Star) - Rs 1,00,000/-
JFJ (Jaycee Foundation Jewel) - Rs 5,00,000/-
All the amount goes to an interest only account and the interest in turn will be used towards empowering members of JCI with various crucial training and education for the underprivileged children.

Donors can also help us with our national projects
Sujal - Installation of RO/UV/UF purification plants at different needy places, expenses Rs. 26,000/- per unit
Suraksha - Installation of Sanitary Napkin Disposing Machines at needy places, expenses Rs. 18,000/- per unit
Water Purifier - Installation of small scale water purifiers in needy places, expenses Rs. 5,000/- to Rs. 8,000/- per unit

Sponsorships can also be made for the National Projects mentioned above. We would ensure proper branding options for all sponsorships. Sponsorships can also be done for our Jalasuddhi Project, details of which will be posted soon.

Other Support
Any support in kind is also accepted.
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